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"Stress Management" for Marketeers

by Percy Asundaria

People in sales and marketing are the ones that are, as you may say, directly on the battle field. There are action plans to be drawn up, campaigns to be launched, deadlines to be met....

There just does not seem to be enough time to accomplish various tasks assigned and achieve targets set. There are many battles to be fought in the MINDS before you fight it out in the concrete jungles. So how do you go about getting that extra burst of energy? How do you go about, without throwing "the towel in"? When we were young, the best part of school was the vacation, coming as it did immediately after the ordeal of the final examination. How many of us even think of taking a break today?

Here's one break that works for me.

Every day, during your lunch break or after a particularly heavy session with your bosses, go back to your cabin.

Sit in an erect position. Put your palms on your thighs. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and RELAX. If thoughts keep coming to trouble you, just accept that they have come and like you would wipe a blackboard clean, erase the thoughts away. Counting backwards from 100 to 1 would help in keeping unwanted thoughts out.

Now focus your thoughts on a pleasant experience.

Do you remember having driven silently with somebody in a car, just looking at nature's beauty in its bountiful, the sunset, the hills, waves lashing on the beach, the serenity of the ocean? With silence inside you, you can now hear the birds and the rhythm in their voices, the timing in their singing. It is so perfect, so melodious. The finer the level of consciousness, the more stress-free the consciousness, the more sensitive you are to sounds, to words.

Within a few minutes, you'll feel fresh and devoid of turmoil. You are ready to face your hectic schedule once again.

Remember the power-hungry man has an inferiority complex. As much as you fight, to that degree you become heavy, you fall down. Ego is weight. By your weight, you hurt others. One who is weightless is wise. A bird, when it flies high, just floats. Learn to float in life.

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