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Consumers Of Tomorrow
by Vinay Joshi

"If we could first know where we are
and wether we are tending, we could then
better judge what to do and how to do
- Abraham Lincoln

In Marketing 2000 & beyond businesses will track and study consumes much more carefully and more insightful & actionable data of consumers will be available.

This information will play major role in guiding & shaping business actions and that marketing will be more challenged to bring consumer perspectives in the forefront.

The consumers of the future will differ from cohorts of yesteryears in important purchase dimensions factors shaping their market responses and determining their lifestyles will be far different. The future will see a new consumer, a consumer who is much better informed, more discerning, less fettered economically and more willing to act independantly in his/her best interest.

Healthcare & Future Consumers

Given the increasing proportion of elderly consumers who absorb a major portion of healthcare services there will be greater emphasis on delivery of adequate healthcare and on cost containment. There will be a trend towards more efficient, less expensive healthcare facilities. Nutrition will be emphasized as one means of promoting wellness. Consumers in the future will think of healthcare as an ongoing process of body maintenance rather than emergency disaster control.

Food & Future Consumer

A revolution is occurring in foods. In future, more attention will be directed to good nutrition as society ages, becomes informed and increasingly health conscious. More attention will be given to and much more will be known about effect on humans of food additives, sodium, fat, calories and cholesterol content.

Thus marketers will be challenged to develop low calorie snacks and give all the information on the label of the product.

Society / Technology & Future Consumer

Society will be more aware of health risks posed by substances like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.
An example of impact of society on technology is sexual revolution. Because it had become so ingrained, it not only spawned clubs, clothing fashions & sexually transmitted diseases. Scientists are now challenged to find a cure for AIDS, make better programmes for AIDS prevention through public education, so it is clear that while technology creates social change, social change also creates enormous challenge & opportunity for technological innovation, application and marketing.

Market Focus By Decades

Decade Market Focus
1950 & 1960 Babies
1960 & 1970 Teenagers
1970 & 1980 Young & middle agers
1980 & 1990 Early middle agers
1990 & 2000 Late middle agers
2000+ Mature consumers

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