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by D.C. Kulkarni

A pharma company's success is measured in terms of parameters like market share, growth and profitability. All these three parameters directly depend upon

* Prescription size (number and duration)
* Acceptance of new products
* Return per call

Various studies conducted in India conclude that seminars and conferences, together with detailing, are the most important activities required to make a new product successful. To corroborate these findings, one can easily find that most of the successful new product introductions in the last decade have been those of companies who gave due importance to seminars / conferences to create immediate awareness, followed up by detailing through a large number of well-trained and motivated detailers.

The seminars and conferences may vary in content depending upon the technical nature of the product. Presentations by eminent specialists have a very positive impact on the audience. Although personal opinions and experiences may vary in a small degree, the comments and conclusions drawn at conferences set the trend not only for new products, but also for new usages for old products. Setting the right trend is the challenge posed to the marketing organisation.

The fast and dynamic companies encash on the opportunities generated by these activities and enlarge their prescription base. Cautious and multi-tiered companies remain laggards and this is reflected in their poorer prescription generation.

(to be continued)

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