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Quiz 6 - Cephalosporins
Which of the following statements are correct ? Click on the buttons to check your knowledge
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1. The chemical structure of cephalosporins is characterised by a beta-lactam ring and a thiazolidine ring.

2. Cefixime is an orally administered first generation cephalosporin.

3. Ceftazidime is effective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

4. Generally speaking, first generation cephalosporins are more effective against gram-positive bacteria than third generation cephalosporins.

5. Cefaclor covers H. influenzae.

6. Cefadroxil has a longer half life than cephalexin.

7. Ceftriaxone is usually administered four times daily.

8. Third generation cephalosporins are generally resistant to all bacterial beta-lactamases.

9. Cefazolin is a drug of choice for the treatment of meningitis.

10. Cephalosporins are ineffective in sexually transmitted diseases.

Answers : 1. Wrong   2. Wrong   3. Right  4. Right   5. Right   6. Right   7. Wrong   8. Wrong   9. Wrong   10. Wrong