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Quiz 5 - Infectious Diseases
Which of the following statements are correct ? Click on the buttons to check your knowledge
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1. Enteric fever is transmitted by the faeco-oral route.

2. Escherichia coli is not known to produce beta-lactamase.

3. The incubation period of a disease is the time between the entry of organisms into the body and the onset of clinical symptoms.

4. In tuberculosis, pyrazinamide is particularly effective against slowly multiplying intracellular organisms in an acidic pH.

5. Proteus mirabilis is one of the commonest organisms involved in otitis media.

6. Neisseria gonorrhoeae are gram-positive cocci

7. Urinary tract infections more commonly occur in sexually active women than in virgins.

8. Food poisoning and gastroenteritis are synonymous, and hence these terms can be used interchangeably.

9. Three major categories of pathogens involved in vaginitis are protozoa, fungi and bacteria.

10. The fluoroquinolones are the most effective drugs for treating streptococcal infections.

Answers : 1. Right   2. Wrong   3. Right  4. Right   5. Wrong   6. Wrong   7. Right   8. Wrong   9. Right   10. Wrong